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Welcome to our game studio website!

We are an ideal place to help you start your mobile app games – the most lucrative business today.

Our team of highly skilled and professional people will help turn your wish or idea into a quality functional app available for downloads worldwide.

Our studio is based in Europe, Croatia.
We offer a huge variety of service and are available for any inquires and consultations, please feel free to check out some of our services and work or contact us for more info

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What we do ?

Game idea

Idea is a combination of wishes, needs, influences and innovations but in game industry it is just a start, if you don’t execute it then it isn’t worth anything. We can help you make your idea into a high quality functional app game available for downloads worldwide.

Game concept story

The story is a logical followup after the initial idea has been set up. Like in fairytalesthe game story has no limits, the more creative and original it is, the better, but ofcourse it has to have a meaning and paying attention to details is what makes itperfect.

Game design UI/UX

The same question that goes for the chicken and the egg, goes for the User experience and User interface. You can’t have one without the other but it is a matterof designer skills and expertise to combine the UI and UX in a perfect harmony for afluid and intuitive navigation game with excellent graphic assets.

Game architecture

Game architecture and game ontology is a visual presentation of all the screens,popups, views, elements, events and the connections and processes between them.It is the most simplified way to present the game broken down into key factors.

Game monetisation

Production of a game has a lot of costs and requires funding so unless you decide togo with a paid app a freemium model demands some monetisation options inside thegame. The market today offers a lot of ways to monetise games like in app purchases and different types of advertisements so it is crucial to find the best suitingoption for your game.

Game development

The development team cannot possibly know exactly how you imagined your gameto behave or what graphic element goes where, even if you have an example or want to clone an existing game they can only assume how things work but withoutthe quality and professional written documentation you are exposing yourself toadditional modifications and costs of time and money. The best example is likebuilding a house from the rooftop.

Project management - game production

For those who don’t have the knowledge or time required to lead the project of gameproduction, we are here to assist you and be a team lead who will be responsible oftasks assignments and executions, adherence to deadlines, people managementand successful project delivery.


Don’t just read about success, became a part of one.

If you wish to be a part of the growing mobile app market revolution and invest in asafe environment, if you don’t have an idea, time or resources to develop you owngame we can help you with getting solutions, custom options and case studies. Appmarket is growing rapidly so we can help you jump in the opportunity and minimizeyour risks and failures with all time supervision of the processes.To have a successful app game is a combination of great idea, skills of designersand developers, knowledge of the market and trends, promotion activities and useracquisition. This way we can all work together to deliver a high quality app game.So don’t just read about success, became a part of one.

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Our work is always available to our clients for progress check, updates and mutual consultations.

14 day money back guarantee

A strong part of our business is that we are reliable and devoted to our clients and in case you aren’t satisfied with the service we provide, we will issue a refund of your funds.


We take pride in our work, thrive to perfection, deliver only high quality and enjoy client satisfaction.

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